• Envelope Progress Report - Work on Envelope is going really well. The program has been refactored and optimised to run in single and multi-threaded mode; I’m currently working on a rollback method that will allow users to recover corrupted files if the program crashes or if power is lost during encryption/decryption.¬†Envelope will be released within the next 2 months […]
  • Work on Envelope continues - I’m still working hard on Envelope ensuring that its fully optimised and functional for its public release. Envelope is now multithreaded allowing users with high bandwidth storage devices to encrypt data at lightning fast speeds. Envelope is I/O bound so systems with traditional hard disks wont benefit from the multithreaded enhancements however its performance is […]
  • Bitmap Morph added - Bitmap Morph has been added to the products section. If you want to learn about steganography Bitmap Morph is a great place to start. It was never intended for general release so it can be difficult to use however the demos on my You Tube channel and the user guide should allow you to start […]
  • Envelope Update - We’re working very hard on Envelope carrying out final refactorisation and making it multi-threaded to improve performance.
  • New Website !!!! - We have redesigned our website to give a more professional impression and to improve usability. The Steganography stuff was taken off however we plan on adding this content when we release Steg-it, our commercial Steganography software.